Monday, April 25, 2005


Sen. Evan Bayh has launched a blog on the web site of his All America PAC.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sen. Bayh at a DLC conference a few years ago. If Democrats are looking for a sensible, articulate leader with proven "red state" appeal, they would be wise to listen to the gentleman from Indiana.

I met him when he was governor many moons ago and he is in fact a fine fellow.
Rep. Sullivan -- thanks for the plug!
Hey Smithers and Peter.

I should be at the DLC this summer
Outstanding! I look forward to seeing you in Columbus.

You'll have a good time. I've been to four National Conversations, and always come home with a better, more informed perspective on both politics and policy.
Peter -- I agree with you about Bayh. However, I have the most basic of all questions for you. What is the mailing address of your campaign committee? I would like to send you a check to help you get started.

You can tell this is a start-up operation, can't you?

The address is as follows:

Citizens For Sullivan
P.O. Box 1412
Manchester, NH 03105-1412

The phone number is my law office, which is pulling double duty as the campaign office for the time being.
Peter -- Thank you. I love your Blog. Great way to generate interest. Will you have a traditional campaign website soon, with issue positions and all the rest? Bradley beat Clark soundly in the last two elections. Interestingly, Clark came closer to beating Sununu. How do you plan to close the gap and win? Your friendly words about Bayh give a hint, I think. In any case, I will be sending you my humble contributions ...

Very perceptive!

Let's put aside the 2004 results; the Nadeau campaign was late out of the starting gate, and the candidate himself made a few too many rookie mistakes.

Martha ran two good, spirited campaigns, but never connected with some folks on a visceral level. Martha and I have worked together on legislation, and I believe she would have made a good congresswoman, but politically, she was a tough sell for conservative Democrats, especially post-September 11.

I intend to take the battle directly to Bradley, and that includes a serious discussion of national and homeland security. If Jeb wants to wrap himself in the flag, I am more than ready to discuss his partisan hedging on the 9-11 Commission reccomendations and his refusal to support adequate funding for veteran's health care. I am ready to discuss a clear Democratic alternative on security issues, one that emphasizes "smart strength" and combines military strength with vigorous diplomacy and sound humanitarian ideals.
A wonderful answer. I couldn't agree with you more. I believe that values-oriented issues hurt the Democratic Party in 2004, but that the Democrats' image of weakness of defense and national security turned the tide for the Republicans. The Democrats desperately need to regain credibility on foreign policy and recapture the flag from the right wing Republicans. You are certainly hitting all the right notes from my perspective.

It does seem that I got confused about the 2004 race, with Justin Nadeau being the Democratic candidate instead of Clark. Thank you for your subtle correction. Well, I certainly hope that you learn from the errors of both Clark and Nadeau.

By the way, are the DCCC or the NDN showing interest in your campaign at this point? Moreover, do you expect to be the sole contender for the Democratic nomination or do you expect competition?
Interesting set of links you have there.

I have spoken with the DCCC several times, and will be meeting with the appropriate folks in DC shortly.

As for a primary...well, I have spent years bemoaning the fact that old guard NH Dems try to squash primary races, so I guess I have to reap what I have sown! There are a few names that pop up occasionally. Some are serious candidates who are unlikely to run (House Minority Leader Jim Craig, Manchester Mayor Bob Baines); others are already running for other offices (Bob Bruce, a 2004 candidate). Frankly, the more people who are out there articulating a compelling, alternative message, the better for the state of political discourse.

Hey, I pride myself on my "eclectic" set of links. It's high time that a campaign included a few good baseball links, by gosh!

By the way, hats off to the Nashua Pride. The Pride opened their Atlantic League season last night with an 8-7 win over Bridgeport.
Mr. Sullivan, in this thread you wrote:

"If Jeb wants to wrap himself in the flag, I am more than ready to discuss his partisan hedging on the 9-11 Commission reccomendations..."

A number of the 9-11 commission recommendations were somewhat worrisome from the viewpoint of privacy and civil liberties. If I'm not mistaken, these included database dossiers on citizens and RFID tags in passports (facilitating identity theft and government surveillance).

So I ask you, would you have supported the 9/11 commission recommendations in toto, or used them as a springboard to find security solutions that do NOT eviscerate the Bill of Rights? I guess you can see where I personally stand. :-)

Thank you,

Jason Barrett
My Cards have started out 16-8, which isn't bad.
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