Friday, April 08, 2005

Bradley: Aiding and Abetting Tom DeLay

This week, Jeb Bradley was on NH Public Radio, defending ethically-deficient House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Here's my statement on Jeb's decision to defend the indefensible:

"Jeb Bradley's response shows that he is happy to be part of the problem, not
part of the solution. Jeb has chosen to put partisan loyalty ahead of public
integrity. That's inexecusable".

"Contrary to Jeb Bradley's assertions, the calls for sanctions against Tom
DeLay are not a rush to judgement. Tom DeLay has been admonished by the House
Ethics Committee on four separate occassions, and he is currently the subject of
a criminal investigation by the district attorney in Austin, Texas".

"We should demand the highest standards of ethical conduct from our elected
leaders. By making excuses for someone like Tom DeLay, Jeb Bradley has become a
willing participant in a culture of corruption and complacency".

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