Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On the Trail

Tomorrow night, I'm heading to Somersworth to meet with the members of the Somersworth Democratic Committee. Somerworth is a good, Democratic town, and a fine place to celebrate the 17th anniversary of my 21st birthday...

Thursday night it's off to the Seacoast for the Portsmouth Democratic Roundtable at Jack Quigley's Pub on State St. Not that I need an excuse to head for Portsmouth on a pleasant spring evening, mind you!

On Friday, I'll be at the Democracy For New Hampshire reception at the Kimball-Jenkins House in Concord. While I was not a Dean supporter, I am tremendously grateful for Gov. Dean's ability to energize and engage people in the political process. When we involve folks with new ideas and new approaches, we benefit not only as a party, but as a community.

Happy B-day!
Mr. Sullivan,

Where do you stand on the Iraq war? Would you have voted for it and supported it, or do you disagree with Rep. Bradley on that issue?

Also, where do you stand on protecting citizen privacy against not only the government but (what amounts to the same thing) the likes of ChoicePoint and LexisNexis? Are you prepared to get tough with the credit and data aggregation industries that expose so many Americans to financial risk?

Thank you,

Jason Barrett

Thanks for the questions.

Had I been in Congress at the time, I would have voted to approve the use of force to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Saddam was a threat to the stability of the region, and had repeatedly thumbed his nose at the international community, and something needed to be done.

However, that's where the similarity with Jeb Bradley ends.

I believe that a use-of-force authorization should have been only one arrow in the quiver. The Bush Administration failed to build an international consensus, failed to exhaust other diplomatic and economic sanctions, and did enormous harm to America's longstanding alliances.

Essentially, my position is not that different than that of Senators Kerry, Edwards, and Biden.

As to your second question, yes, I would stand up to the data aggregation industry. The privacy and personal security concerns you raise are very real, and inaction is not a viable option. Recently, the NH House has been attempting to limit the information that can appear in public records held by the Registries of Deeds. By making life harder for identity thieves, we can help protect our privacy rights and lessen the threat of economic crime.
Thanks for the quick response, Mr. Sullivan. Best of luck in your campaign.

Hello Rep. Sullivan,

Congrats on your new blog!

I have a question on your comment above.

Is your opinion to go into Iraq predicated on the use of UN Troops?

If the people in charge of the invasion had blue helmets, I would have been all in favor of it, but not what Kerry and the others voted for.

You'll have to be careful, it seems your campaign is based on change -- changing of the wishywashyness of Bradley and changing the tone of Federal Politics that have suffered hypocrisy of the Bush Regime.

Don't fall prey to Kerry's mistakes, be strong!

Good Luck in your campaign,

Andrew Sylvia

A good question.

My vote would have been predicated on some international coalition. This could have meant operating under UN auspices, but it could also include a NATO operation or some sort of genuine ad hoc coalition (not the US, UK and the Northern Marianas variety).

The US role in ending the Yugoslavian genocide is a good example. This wasn't a UN enterprise, but since the US worked through NATO, the intervention nonetheless had greater credibility on the world stage.
Good answer,the "coalition of the willing" is pretty much a farce. One of the biggest excuses Bush had for going there was the UN Resolutions, yet he went in with NATO without UN Approval. If one of your friends has a problem with someone else, and you deal with that other person on the friends' behalf but only represent your own interests, that's pretty duplicitious, and that's tantamount to what I think Bush did.
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