Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fixing the Patriot Act

Last week, the House of Representatives, in an all-too-rare moment of rational thought, voted to limit the federal government's ability to sieze bookstore and library records.

Now, let me make one thing clear. Nobody with a lick of common sense wants to interfere with law enforcement's ability to vigorously hunt down and prosecute terrorists. However, provisions that give officials the ability to troll through citizens private affairs with virtually no legal safeguards are well beyond the realm of acceptable policy. If there are legitimate law enforcement matters at stake, then there should be no problem securing warrants and subpoenas.

Needless to say, our self-styled moderate from Wolfeboro caved in to White House pressure and did the wrong thing. This time, Jeb can't blame it on partisanship, since over three dozen Republicans managed to show some independence and vote the right way. This time, it all comes down to a lack of independence on Jeb's part.

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