Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Franklin's Band of Hypocrites

I normally don't comment on state issues on this page, particularly when they involve a community in the 2nd congressional district. However, the latest antics by the Franklin School Board have sparked an exception to this policy.

For months, the Franklin School Board has done everything in its power to throttle the Franklin Career Academy, a public charter school serving kids from Franklin and a few surrounding towns. The Franklin School Board has trotted out an array of weak excuses to justify their idiotic (and illegal) effort to deny FCA its share of per-pupil funding. The school board has decided that making an anti-charter ideological statement is more important than the welfare of the kids of the community.

Well, now it has descended into the realm of mind-numbing pettiness. The Franklin School Board decided to ban Franklin Career Academy's students from the city's annula Class Day parade. Instead of using this occasion to unite the community, the Board has once again decided that it is more important to defend the educational-industrial complex and score ideological brownie points.

The actions of the Franklin School Board are a disgrace, an embarrassment to the State of New Hampshire, and an insult to the children of the city. The next time an anti-reform zealot tells you that they inly have the best interests of the children at heart, remember the antics of the Franklin old guard.

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