Thursday, June 23, 2005

Malcontents, unite!

Maybe I should be flattered.

Jeb has decided to make Manchester City Hall the site of what he calls his 100th town hall meeting. City Hall is, not coincidentally, located almost dead center in the middle of my legislative district. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

At any rate, Warren henderson, the state GOP chairman, has decided to label anyone who attends a Bradley town hall meeting and voices a disagreement with Jeb as "perpetually malcontented". Putting aside the issue of whether or not "malcontented" is an actual word, I find it absurd that Mr. Henderson would decide to so quickly demean anyone who doesn't buy into his crimped brand of party-hack Republicanism.

Of course, Henderson was a member of the corrupt and discredited Gene Chandler leadership team, so we should take his comments for what they are worth.

So much for the "Big Tent." :)

And I don't think I'm a malcontent when I want a better answer to a question than "Because!" (When I got into a debate with him in a town hall meeting in Derry, that was the best answer he could come up with to one of my questions.)

Bradley is an incompetent pipsqueak who brings no brains to the party; he is solely and simply a mouthpiece of the Republican machine.
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