Wednesday, August 17, 2005

About Damn Time

The Associated Press is reporting that Jesse Burchfeld, the campaign manager for Burt Cohen's abortive US Senate campaign, has been charged with filing false finance reports.

It's about damn time.

For over a year, some folks in the Republican Party have been conducting a whispering campaign against Burt. Hopefully, this development will put these weasels in their place.

I've known Burt Cohen for almost twenty years. We have worked together on legislation, and we have had our differences. But Burt has always demonstrated a fundamental sense of decency and honesty. Perhaps Burt is too trusting of those around him. If this is his worst fault, then he's better than 99% of the people you meet in this business.

I have to say, I've been wondering when this would take place myself. Burchfeld oughtta be strung up by his thumbs; there were a lot of people interested in that race.
Keep on Peter.

Reading your blog, I am reminded of the guy who once yelled out, "GIVE 'EM HELL, HARRY!" to President Truman in 1948. Truman beamed and retorted, "I'M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH AND THOSE REPUBLICANS JUST THINK IT'S HELL!"

Good luck in your race for Congress!
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