Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jeb Bradley's warped values

Down in New Orleans, scores of people are dead, hundreds of thousands are homeless, and one of America's greatest cities faces a monumental rebuilding task.

But what does Jeb Bradley find time to talk about?

The flow of petroleum.

No mention of the people who are suffering. No words of comfort. No sense of decency.

This speaks volumes about Mr. Bradley's priorities.

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This guys response tells you everything you need to know about Jeb Bradley's crew of juvenille thugs.

You might have tried this crap with Martha and Justin and somehow gotten away without a fight. Those days are over.
Hey, NHInsider, it was Jeb Bradley who sent out a press release kissing up to the Bush administration. He's the one who is using the disaster for political purposes.

My family is from New Orleans. Many of my relatives have lost their homes and everything they ever owned. I have an uncle that we haven't heard from for several days. Don't you dare accuse Peter of "politicizing" this tragedy. This is personal for us.

You are a disgrace.
The GOP is showing an utter lack of leadership in dealing with this disaster.

As for NH Politico - ye who live in glass houses really ought to be careful. NO ONE could politicize a humanitarian crisis more than the GOP has used 9/11.

What is happening in Louisiana and Mississippi requires the kind of leadership our platitude mouthing president is incapable of. I believe this is one reason for the growing lawlessness and anarchy. A great many people will suffer and die because of it.
I understand your point of view. but just beinging this up is just adding fuel to the fire. It would be easy to say "yeah, but you are using his "lack of compassion" to further your political career. You can argue that you aren't doing that, can be shot down with this one remark "We'll talk about this next year."

You are right, but this post is wrong. Don't use this as fodder against the other guy. Just go help the people in need and know you are a bigger person without bragging out it on blogger.
Um, for some reason that removed like half of my text when I posted it. I'm really not as braindead as that reads.
I see nothing wrong with Mr. Sullivan's blog entry, Bradley's priorities do seem out of line. Seems nhpolitico & anonymous are just republicans trying to protect their weak congressman.
Whatever nhpolitico. I say Bradley's initial press release shows his true priorities.
Peter, you run a great blog.
I agree - using the hurricane to make yourself look better is tacky, and whether you meant to or not, that's how you come across.

Stick to a style similar to Tuesday's posts.
First of all, commenting on the inability of a representative to lead in the face of a humanitarian crisis is certainly not beyond the pale. The fact that this is a humanitarian crisis makes our civic duty to hold our leaders accountable more urgent, not less.

Make no mistake- this is truly a humanitarian tragedy, and it is outrageous that the primary focus of the administration, mirrored by Jeb Bradley, is oil. Yes, it is an important consideration- but it should not be the leading consideration. It also appears to be the only aspect Mr. Bradley acknowledges, which is downright shameful.

Jeb Bradley has been an enormous disappointment. I actually held hope that he might have a moderating effect on the republican party. Instead, the opposite has occured and Jeb has alinged himself with the extreme right. His lack of leadership and misplaced priorities in the face of tragedy MUST be be noted, and I am pleased to see that Rep. Sullivan has done so.
Please note:

Disagreements are welcome. Flame bait is not.

Even when it is posted by someone posting from the House.Gov servers.
Mr. Sullivan, blogs are nice but do you have a website?
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