Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jeb's Dirty Dollars

Americans for a Republican Majority ("ARMPAC"), the political action committee headed by House Majority Leader Tom Delay, is under investigation for making material misstatements about its receipts, disbursements and cash on hand.

Jeb Bradley has been the recipient of ARMPAC's generosity to the tune of $15,000 since he first ran for Congress in 2002.

Jeb has accepted cash from an organization that clearly thinks it is above the law. It was bad enough for Jeb to take money from a group headed by a corrupt politician like Tom DeLay, but now that ARMPAC has been cited by government authorities, it's time for Jeb to face the music. I am calling on Jeb Bradley to pledge to refuse any future contributions from Americans for a Republican Majority. In addition, I am challenging Jeb to donate $15,0000, the amount he has pocketed from this shady organization, to a New Hampshire charitable organization. If Jeb decides to keep the money, it is further proof that his loyalties lie with crooked Texas politicians, not with the people of New Hampshire.

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