Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Responding to Foster's Cynicism

A few weeks ago, John Edwards came to New Hampshire and spoke about making the elimination of poverty a national priority. Foster's Daily Democrat used the occasion to trash Edwards' agenda, question his motives, and recite the usual (and remarkably inaccurate) canard about New Hampshire not having anyone living on the economic margins.

Foster's position is cynical nonsense. Click here to see my full response.

Pete, I think it is excellent that you are running for Congress it is about time that we had someone who is a straight forward honest leader with a senes of justice running for office and you are the man for the job! Especially someone who looks at BOTH SIDES of an issue. This is a great day for you and your family. I wish you good luck and G-d Speed. You have my vote!

Wesley L. Farmer
Concord, NH
I'd be happy to take the good folks at Fosters on a north country poverty tour. We have plenty to go around.
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