Thursday, September 29, 2005

From the "broken clock is right twice a day" file

Jeb Bradley has decided to return the $15,000 he received from Tom DeLay via the sketchy Americans for a Republican Majority.

The question still beckons as to why Jeb thought taking DeLay's tainted dough was a good idea in the forst place, but I'll leave that matter for another day.

There are two immediate prblems, however. First, Jeb has simply given a shady outfit $15K to play with as it sees fit. As I have said repeatedly, Jeb should have donated that money to a worthy NH charity.

Second, Jeb still has a record of pocketing contributions from some less-than-savory Congressional colleagues. He has collected a considerable amount of money from DeLay's replacement, Roy Blunt, who is also no great shakes in the ethics department. Blunt, you will recall, is the guy who slid sweetheart provisions into legislation for the benefit of his lobbyist girlfriend.

I'm glad that Jeb has realized that ethics are a valid issue in this campaign. What I don't think he understands is that his lack of judgement is a valid issue as well.

I think it is essential to root out all those complicit in the illegal use of campaign funds. Every politico involved with a PAC that has given money to the National Campaign Committee with the hope (or promise) that a similar amount will be directed back to aid candidates the PAC supports should be indicted, convicted, kicked out of whatever political position(s) they hold, and barred from future public service, to the limit of the law. And every public official that abuses their prosecutorial power in an effort to effect votes should be jailed as well!
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