Monday, September 26, 2005

Jeb's Friends

Jeb Bradley has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from several politicians described as "the most corrupt members of Congress" in a new report issued by a non-partisan watchdog group.

The report, entitled "Beyond DeLay: The 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress", was released earlier today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Jeb has accepted campaign money from four of the politicians cited in the report:

Sen. Bill Frist: Frist is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the recent sale of stock in HCA, a hospital management firm owned by Frist's family. He has also faced questions regarding an improperly disclosed campaign loan.

Frist's Volunteer PAC gave $5,000 to Bradley.

Rep. Bob Ney: Ney was the recipient of a European golfing vacation from lobbyist Jack Abramoff at the same time Ney's congressional committee was handling legislation affecting Abramoff's clients.

Ney's American Liberty PAC gave $1,000 to Bradley.

Rep. Roy Blunt: Blunt has been criticized for inserting favorable provisions into legislation that benefited clients of both his son and his girlfriend. Both are lobbyists.

Blunt's Rely On Your Beliefs PAC gave $15,000 to Bradley.

Rep. Richard Pombo: Pombo pressured the Department of the Interior to grant favors to the wind power industry, without disclosing that his family receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from wind-turbines operating on the families ranch.

The Pombo for Congress Committee gave $1,000 to Bradley.

There is no place in government for cronyism and backroom deals. This sort of beghavior only undercuts public confidence in our public institutions. When Jeb Bradley accepts money from politicians who engage in shady practices, he sends a message that he considers this sort of behavior acceptable. Well, it isn't.

If Jeb's choice in friends is any indication of where his values lie, it is time for him to come home and try and regain a sense of perspective.

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Jeb certainly has some naughty friends in Congress. Isn't Roy Blunt in bed with Abramoff too?

Such naughty, naughty boys.
Another thing about Ney -- he was solely responsible, in the last Congress, for killing Rush Holt's bill that would have mandated a voter-verifiable paper trail on all election machines, abetting the fraud that statistics say took place in the last election and will take place in the next one unless Diebold et al. are brought to heel. Ney, as chair of the committee under whose purview this bill feel, used his privilege to deny it a vote.
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