Sunday, September 25, 2005

When in doubt, mumble

The distinguished gentleman from Wolfeboro held a town hall meeting in Portsmout yesterday morning. According to the Portsmouth Herald, Jeb Bradley was questioned on the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. As is customary with Rep. Bradley, he acknowledged there was a problem, but then proceeded to skitter away from anything resembling a coherent solution:

"When locals asked about steps he would be taking in the wake of the government response to Hurricane Katrina, Bradley discussed a budget reconciliation and a congressional investigation, but he would not cite specifics.

'Were there problems? Absolutely,' Bradley said. But he added that there will be things from both hurricanes Katrina and Rita that everyone will learn from."

Sometimes leadership means taking a stand that annoys Tom DeLay and Karl Rove. We should demand more from our elected voice in Washington than platitudes and vague generalities. We should expect leadership and answers.

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Aww, Peter...someone used your blog for spam. Meh.

Bradley appeared to say absolutely nothing in quite a few words, eh?

I'm a friend of Kat's from The Fuselage (in fact, she's getting a little something in the mail from me either Friday or Saturday). I was born and raised in NOLA, and my mother lost her house in Katrina, so the subject is always important to me.

Best of luck with your campaign!
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