Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Folly of False Choices

Today's editorial in Foster's Daily Democrat is a classic example of the toxic influence of the politics of false choices that has infected our political process.

Jon Breen's piece seems to think that the debate over Iraq policy can be neatly compartmentalized into two camps, the ostensibly patriotic Americans who support the Bush line with unswavering loyalty; and the poor, misguided liberals, bedecked in peasant dresses and tie-dye, wistfully calling for the immediate return of our troops.

Of course, this is absolute codswallop.

Democratic leaders such as Wesley Clark and Joe Biden have advancd thoughtful and credible approaches to the war in Iraq. Their plans reject a premature withdrawal which could plunge Iraq into chaos reminiscent of pre-9/11 Afghanistan. Unlike the Bush approach, however, these proposals call for a greater engagement of the world community in solving the political, military and economic problems inherent in the reconstruction effort. Unlike the Bush approach, the Democratic alternatives call for genuine benchmarks for progress in Iraq, and demand an open and honest accounting of our progress towards achieving those goals.

The debate over our Iraq policy has generated far too much heat and far too little light. it is time to end the partisanship and polarization and change the course to a policy that leads to a secure Iraq and allows us to bring our troops home.

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