Monday, November 21, 2005

The Grown-Ups Speak

Hope springs eternal.

Even though Friday's antics in the House marked a new low in rank partisanship and McCarthyite name-calling, the Senate showed that there may yet be a chance to return some degree of maturity and intelligence to the debate over America's Iraq policy.

Last week, the Senate passed a resolution calling for “changes to the policy of the United States on Iraq and to require reports on certain matters relating to Iraq".

Clearly, this is a rejection of the Bush Administration's incoherence and a step in the right direction. The absurdities emenating from the House leadership do nothing to repair a broken policy and do even less to encourage an honest debate on the merits of alternative approaches to the problem.

The Senate resolution is a modest way of demanding that we acknowledge the shortcomings of ur policies to date, of demanding that the Administration at the very least attempt to devise a strategy with clear goals and identifiable benchmarks for success. A policy of incoherence is a precription for further bloodshed; a policy that has some standards will at least present the possibility of a workable exit strategy.

The "exit strategy" is victory and a stable government.

The national Demcorats are the ones who have no strategy except "pull out now" or "pull out soon." That's a prescription for utter defeat and the failure of Iraq's democracy.

Let's let the military decide the pull-out timetable, not politicians in Washington.

p.s. Nice campaign Website.

I think you are misreading the national Democratic zeitgeist. Very few Dems involved in the realm of national security policy are calling for a rapid withdrawal. Sen. Biden, Sen. Clinton and Gen. Clark all favor a "change the course and do it right" approach. They would agree with your contention that an immediate pullout would spark absolute chaos, but they also recognize the need to internationalize the effort and to set some concrete, quantifiable standards for progress.
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