Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Junkyard Dogs of War"

One of the brightest new stars in the Democratic firmament is teaming up with a respected Republican voice on foreign policy to tackle an issue that has received far too little public attention.

In a Saturday op/ed in the Washington Post, Sens. Barack Obama and Richard Lugar cal for a major initiative aimed at securing conventional weapons caches in the former Soviet republics and in other dysfunctional states across the globe. The program would be modeled on the Nunn/Lugar initiative, which has sought to secure nuclear, chemical and bilogical weapons stockpiles in the former Soviet Union.

When you consider the prospect of a terrorist organization running loose in America with surface to air missiles, the importance of the Obama/Lugar initiative quickly becomes apparent.

This is an idea whose time has come. It is heartening to realize that at least two members of the Senate are willing and able to put partisan gamesmanship aside for the sake of national security.

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