Monday, February 27, 2006

Drew's book corner

Over at the his blog, NH Union Leader op/ed honcho Drew Cline has a rundown of Jim Craig's recent reading as part of a regular "Friday Book Corner" feature.

For some reason, Drew suggests that Carol Shea Porter and I are primed to use Jim's choices as fodder for attacks during the coming campaign.

Frankly, that's a silly notion.

Jim Craig and I have some serious differences on matters of public policy, from public ethics to environmental protection to tax policy. That's fair territory, and that's sufficient.

Jim could read "My Pet Goat", the Kama Sutra or Pauly Shore's autobiography for all I care.

I'm not sure why Drew felt the need to suggest otherwise.

At any rate, I'm more than willing to share my recent reading if anyone feels a need to hear about it.

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