Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rove Redux

You have to admit, Karl Rove may not have a scrap od decency in his soul, but he certainly has cast-iron chutzpah.

Last night, Rove was here in Manchester to speak at a GOP fundraiser over at the Raddison.

Rove accused John Kerry and Jack Murtha of wanting to "cut and run", which is part of his usual tired act. But he added a little extra for the locals in attendance.

He said that Democrats like Kerry and Murtha "may be with you for the first shots, but they're not going to be there for the last tough battles."

Pray tell, what battlefield experience does Mr. Rove bring to this discussion?

John Kerry has a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. Jack Murtha is a highly decorated Marine colonel.

While he's busy denigrating Democrat's courage, maybe he could throw in Medal of Honor recipients Bob Kerrey and Dan Inouye, not to mention the thousands of everyday Democrats who proudly wore the uniform in times of war and peace.

As best I can tell, Rove hasn't put on a uniform since he was in Webelos.

As I said yesterday, this guy epitomizes what's wrong with politics in 2006.

That's a disgrace to good Webelos!
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