Monday, July 10, 2006

A Journey Ends

It is with a considerable degree of regret that I have decided to end my campaign for United States Congress.

When I began this political journey, I made it a point to run a campaign based on the notion that ideas and ideals still matter. I still believe that the people of New Hampshire are hungry for a new brand of leadership, one that places principles and creative solutions ahead of the stale old political inside baseball.

However, several factors have made it impossible for me to continue this campaign. Because of a combination of health and political concerns, I can not make the neccessary committment to run the "full-tilt, full-time" campaign that an insurgent candidacy would require.

Over the coming months, I will spend considerable time dealing with the health issues that need to be addressed, but I will remain active in public life. I will continue to speak out against the corrosive role of special interest on our civic life; I will continue to stand up for the proud tradition of tough and smart internationalism embodied by John Kennedy and Harry Truman; I will continue to fight for a health care system that includes every American family. I intend to do everything I can to ensure the re-election of Gov. Lynch, to keep my legislative seat in Democratic hands, and to advance the ideals that I have fought for during the course of my congresional campaign.

Finally, I extend my deepest, most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stood by my side during this journey, especially my wife, Katya, and the rest of my family. I also thank the many new friends I have made on the campaign trail for their kind words and their encouragement.I have often said that the real question we should be asking our selves is whether we are doing everything we can to leave future generations with a safer and more prosperous country than the one we inherited from our parents.

While a campaign ends today, that moral charge does not. I hope that we can continue to strive for a country where fairness, decency, hope and opportunity are once again a part of daily life.

Thank you and God bless you.

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